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fiber4sale's Journal

Fiber Arts For Sale
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A community for fiber artists who sell their work, and the buyers who love them.
A community dedicated to showcasing the work of independent fiber artists who sell yarn and fiber. Be it handspun, hand-dyed, carded batts, or some other wild flavour of fuzz, post your wares here and let everyone go shopping!


Posting advertisements

1. Please keep individual images under 640x480 pixels. If you are posting more than one image, please place any additional images under an LJ cut.

2. Be sure to include a direct link to your store.

3. Please keep Etsy minis within the image size guidelines. If members report issues cause by Etsy minis, this will be revisited, and all users posting an Esty mini will be asked to place it under an LJ cut.

4. Please limit your advertising posts to 1 per week.

Community Discussion

1. Keep it civil. If a seller is asking for constructive criticism, "I think you'd be better off taking your pictures in natural light." is a lot friendlier and more helpful than "Did you take your pictures in a cave?"

2. Try to keep the discussion relevant to the community, and your replies to a given topic contained within that same post. There is no need to start a new post just to give your opinion on the same topic being discussed in another recent post.

3. Act like an adult. Even if you don't want to. Refrain from name-calling, flaming, and posts intended to tattle on someone. If you have had a serious issue with a buyer or seller, the first place to take that up is with them, the second is with the website used for the transaction. If you feel that the issue is one the community as a whole should be aware of, please contact the mods and explain before posting.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an_sceal.